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Welcome to the web supplement to Jason Pettus' second travelogue of Germany (with a side trip to Amsterdam), Ach du Heiliege Scheisse! Here you will find links to the entirety of text from the original book, with clickable links where other websites are mentioned; all 360 photos from the trip, in their original sizes; more information on how this trip came about, and how you can help with future trips; descriptions of and links to the other books GADTravel has published; and options on purchasing the electronic-book version of Heilige Scheisse. The entire contents of the original book are presented here for free, for those fellow artists and travellers who don't have the money to purchase the book itself; the contents are split up into 25 different HTML documents, however, deliberately to make it a bit of a pain, in the hopes of convincing some of you with disposable income to simply purchase the book, which is much easier to navigate.

What is this book about? The official answer, from the back cover:

"Broke, sad and alone.

"Is this any way to start an international vacation?

"In the case of online writer and global adventurer Jason Pettus, it was in fact just the ticket. His second annual visit to Germany found him not only experiencing new things again (including hunting for Soviet coins at the Frankfurt flea market, a crazed disco in the collegetown of Karlsruhl, and a truly surreal 24-hour roadtrip to Amsterdam), but also understanding the culture around him in a more complex way, leading to he understanding himself in a more complex way as well.

"As with his first travelogue on the subject, Das Ist Kool, Pettus applies a laser eye to the complexities of German culture and society, and a razor wit towards retelling the stories that has gained him an audience of tens of thousands all over the world. Read about this 2004 German and Dutch adventure first, then join the current adventure in real time at jasonpettus.com."

For the unofficial answer, please check the story behind how this trip came together.

Copyright 2004, Jason Pettus. All rights reserved. Although this material is presented here for your enjoyment free of charge, it is still illegal to repost this material without my permission, and especially so if you charge others money to see it. I am usually happy to let others reprint my work in the context of a free artistic publication, so please don't hesitate to contact me at ilikejason at hotmail dot com if you are interested in doing so.