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I've written a number of full-length novels over the years; some of them have been published and others not. Click below to learn more.

Dreaming of Laura Ingalls
Tom and Megan seem to have the perfect relationship. Why, then, is Megan having recurring dreams about author Laura Ingalls Wilder, urging her to break up with Tom? (1997; self-published)
Ethan Thomas' first novel was an accidental bestseller and was made into a popular Hollywood movie. Why then can he not seem to get his second book off the ground? (1997; unpublished)
Two young urbanites literally bump heads on a Chicago sidewalk one random morning. Will our hero ever discover the true identity of his accidental assailant? (1998; unpublished)
A fictionalized memoir of the 1990s poetry-slam community, and just how screwed up it was. (1998; unfinished)
Creamed Corn
A hyperfiction novel about six friends who all attend the same local rock show one rainy night. (1999; published with a grant from the Illinois Arts Council)
Two intellectuals form an intense, slightly dangerous sexual relationship based only on emails. (2000; published serially by IncogID.com)
Mabel J. Neisbaum, Porn Star
A decade in the life of Mabel Neisbaum - internet porn star, bestselling author, outspoken feminist, and all-around screwed-up girl. (2002; unpublished)