Das Ist Kool: A tour diary of Germany
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Welcome to the web-exclusive supplement to Jason Pettus' 2003 travelogue of Germany, Das Ist Kool. On these pages you will find all the original journal entries comprising the book, over 165 photographs and other images that complement the tour, a number of sound files, and an opportunity to purchase the book right now if so desired. There is also information here on how you can get involved with Pettus' next tour, taking place in October 2004 and comprising the United Kingdom and Ireland, by pre-purchasing a copy of that tour book before the tour starts.

You do not need to have purchased Das Ist Kool to access these pages; they are free and open to the general public. All content herein Copyright 2004, Jason Pettus, except where specifically noted in the text. All rights reserved. Permission has been granted from all cited photographers to reprint their work here.