Independent and proud since 1996
GAD Publishing Co. is a Chicago-based basement press that has been in continuous operation since 1996. It has a sole employee (me, Jason Pettus), and exists only to publish my work; nonetheless, I try to take it as seriously as my time and money will allow, as I appreciate those who still take the time to read my old creative work. In these modern times, I publish almost exclusively in electronic format now, and give away the books for free; you're at the pages where those books are located.

The GAD catalog is broken down into six sections: fiction and poetry; Complete Performance Work 1996-2004 (slam poems, monologues and dialogues); hyperfiction projects; essays and other non-fiction; travelogues; and photography. Or, click here to see the entire catalog at once, sorted both alphabetically and by year.

The online edition of GAD also contains a short history of my years as a zinester and self-publisher, as well as the latest means of contacting me. For those who are curious, GAD also briefly published over a dozen books by other Chicago writers in 2001, which are not offered in electronic versions; the masters are still available, though, for (relatively costly) print-on-demand paper versions, for bibliophiles who are trying to track down an out-of-print title. Please contact me for details.

Please be aware that I only pursued creative writing professionally for ten years, from 1994 to 2004, and that the majority of GAD's books are from those years, although I still continue to occasionally publish new books for fun, as well as new compilations of old material. All files are released without DRM software, so that they can be easily converted into whatever format suits the end user best; if you've converted a file into a format not found here, please send me a copy and I will include it as an official download option, along with a public thank-you.